© South Alabama Radio Club.  All Rights Reserved.  Email the Webmaster Contact Us wc4m.club southalabamaradioclub.com About Us Home Meeting Schedule SkyWarn Photos Links Net Schedule Jan 4 W4WEA Repeater WB9WAO-Dennis Jan 11 WC4M Repeater W4WEA-Wayne Jan 18 Meeting Night No Net Jan 25 W4WEA Repeater KE4HIE-John --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feb 1 WC4M Repeater KG4CNA-Allen Feb 8 W4WEA Repeater WB9WAO-Dennis Feb 15 WC4M Repeater W4WEA-Wayne Feb 22 Meeting Night No Net Feb 29 W4WEA Repeater KE4HIE-John --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mar 7 WC4M Repeater KG4CNA-Allen Mar 14 W4WEA Repeater WB9WAO-Dennis Mar 21 Meeting Night No Net Mar 28 WC4M Repeater W4WEA-Wayne **Note: Net Controller and repeater are subject to change. If you would like to be a Net Control Station, please contact KG4CNA-Allen to get on the schedule. Download a copy of the Net Preamble using the link below. The file is a PDF and will open in your browser. When it does, save it to your computer for printing. Download the Net Preamble here. We use Netlogger for keeping our weekly net logs. If you want to follow along, look for SARC 2M Net. We highly recommend it! Click the logo to get your copy. It’s free to download and free to use. WC4M - 147.260+ / 100hz Tone (analog) || W4WEA - 146.640- / 123hz Tone (analog/DSTAR) Test Info